iQuant Global Fund

iQuant Global Fund is a feeder fund into Quantedge Global Fund, a top ranked Quant Fund that has earned investors 12x returns since inception in 2006.

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ICHAM Risk-Customised Model Portfolio

At ICHAM, we recognize the fact that our diverse investor base will have their diverse investment needs, with different risk tolerance levels. It is easy to look at long backtests and be excited by the long-term returns. But short-term volatility and drawdowns matter a lot to portfolio management in real-time.

From a modeling and planning perspective, there is little value in setting longer term investor portfolio preferences when they are more likely to change their strategy every five years or less. Our objective is to recommend a portfolio that the investor is likely to stick with through thick or thin through a robust portfolio construction and management process.

The Risk-Customized Model Portfolio represents the intersection of our investors’ unique needs and ICHAM’s investment philosophy and bespoke asset management solutions. Adopting a total portfolio approach, we differentiate the systematic risks (beta) from active management exposures (alpha) and allocate investments compatible with the investor’s risk tolerance while sticking to a disciplined ‘cost of capital’ approach for allocation of active risk capital.

Eternal Glade Fund

Eternal Glade is an agile concentrated stock-picking fund that aims to capture fleeting value propositions in the market. We invest in high conviction ideas with value that can be unlocked in the short term. We are opportunistic value investors where we aim to discover undervalued investments with potential catalysts that will cause Mr. Market to re-evaluate their worth.

Unicorn Opportunity Fund

Unicorn Opportunity Fund seeks to build a diversified portfolio of late-stage, highly valuable unicorns in the US, Europe, and Asia. The fund targets companies with a well-defined business model, demonstrated high growth, proven disruptive impact in their chosen fields, and 2-to-3 year visibility of an exit event, such as an IPO.

Unicorn Opportunity Fund